100% platinic silicone
Stiffness: Soft
Very delicate
100% Made in France
-Size: S and L
-Flow: light/mild/heavy.

Characteristics of Si-Bell menstrual cup

Sibell menstrual cup

Si-Bell is a menstrual cup made in premium quality silicon (100% platinum silicon), which provides a higher level of hygiene, more resistance and longer life from the peroxide-treated silicon. Si-Bell material complies with USP Class VI (suitable for use within the human body for 28 days), U.S. Pharmacopoeia XXII, FDA and BfR.

Si-Bell has the following advantages compared to the other cups in the market:
•Excellent biocompatibility
• Absence of odor
• Excellent flexibility (if cracked or bent does not suffer permanent deformation)
• High transparency and absence of yellowing over the time
• Excellent resistance to wear and tear
• Long life
• Latex and Phthalates free
• Shape designed to offer optimum capacity keeping a small size

Si-Bell menstrual cup is ideal for those women looking for a material of high quality at a great price. Si-Bell is produced in the European Community.
Si-Bell comes in a carton boxed made of recycled paper and unbleached cotton bag (value added as ecology!) and instructions.

Characteristics of Si-Bell menstrual cup : Si-Bell do not have written words inside or out so it is easy to clean it. Si-Bell has 4 large well-defined holes up near the border that allow perfect adhesion to the walls of the vagina. These holes facilitate the extraction of the cup, since neutralize the seal effect. The stem is full, rounded and long enough for you to adjust according to your needs. The stem is extremely soft, so it can be cut without difficulty. Si-Bell is translucent. Its texture is smooth inside and out it has a velvet touch. It has 4 external veins that recalls a flower buy also help to catch the cup very well at the time of extraction. Si-Bell is available in two sizes (S and L)

Size and capacity of the menstrual cup Si-Bell:

S SIZE 19 ml 24 ml 47 mm 27 mm 41 mm
L SIZE 28 ml 33 ml 52 mm 22 mm 46 mm

-The S size is recommended for women under 30 years and have not given birth naturally. If you've given birth by caesarean section and you are under 30 years can use this size.

-The L size is suitable for women over age 30 or who have given birth naturally.

Mentrual cup top premiun quality

Sibell pink menstrual cup

Sterilize your cup Si-Bell through boiling water in a saucepan or a microwave into a container filled with water. Be sure to put enough water in the pan / container so that the cup does not touch the bottom. If you sterilize the cup with a microwave, the lid of the container must not be closed in order to let release the steam. Handle with care the hot water to avoid burning your fingers. Do not use vinegar, bleach, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the menstrual cup because they can damage the silicone.

During the cycle is recommended to wash Si-Bell with a natural soap with a pH low and very delicate. Always check the air holes. If they are blocked you can clean putting the cup into hot water and with the help of a toothpick. You can also fill the cup with warm water and cover it with one hand to create a seal, then press the sides to let out the water from the holes. (We do not recommend the needle as you may accidentally damage the cup).

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